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5001 Rondo Drive
Suite 150
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: 601-774-9900
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Email: info@durasip.com

About Us

DuraSip LLC (DuraSip), a Texas based company originally chartered in Mississippi in 2008, was formed by Max Ware, a composite engineer, and Eric Habben, a construction specialist, was established to manufacture and sell a mass-produced continuous phenolic fiberglass laminate that has nearly unlimited applications in residential, industrial, commercial, and retrofit/recladding construction, transportation, military, communications, disaster relief housing, and economical housing markets worldwide. Products are sold under the trade mark name of DURA-SIP.

We are proud to manufacture in small town America, and benefit from the true Southern hospitality of rural Mississippi. Our skilled, local workforce is committed to producing world class products at reasonable prices. Our manufacturing is located in Union, Mississippi, 18 miles north of the Interstate Highway 20 corridor, between Interstates 59 and 55.

Company Goal
DuraSip endeavors to manufacture high quality materials that provide structural performance solutions across many markets. We hope to contribute to energy efficient building designs offering a versatile economical building material that is light, strong, is low maintenance, and has a long life cycle.

DuraSip primary product is our continuous length phenolic laminate sheets in various thicknesses up to 8’ wide.  We also have a limited capacity to produce SIPs (structural insulated panels) and sandwich panels up to 40’ in length with multiple types of cores made from EPS, polyurethane, honeycomb, and phenolic foam. We are able to prototype high performance laminates and assemblies using multiple resin systems and reinforcements to meet specified structural or performance requirement. We do structural load testing in-house to ensure structural performance meets the load requirement before a customer seeks third party certification.